Expand Your K-12 Options in Texas For All Children!

The Texas Miracle of Healthy Competition in Education

Special Legislative Session

Texas  is calling a special legislative session in hopes of joining a national trend toward expanding families’ K-12 options. This special session will provide an opportunity for Texas to join the ranks of other states that have seen success in providing more educational options for families

The Texas Miracle

The same healthy competition that spurred the “Texas Miracle” of the Lone Star State’s economy is exactly what the Texas education system needs. If school choice skeptics were right, then public schools in rural Arizona should have been decimated. However, the opposite has been true, with public schools in Arizona thriving due to the competition created by school choice.

Expanding K-12 Options

With the special legislative session, Texas will have the opportunity to join the ranks of other states that have seen success in providing more educational options for families. This session will provide an opportunity for Texas to expand K-12 options and create a more competitive education system. With the Texas Miracle of healthy competition in education, families will have more options to choose from and be able to find the best fit for their children.


Unlocking Excellence: Texas' Best Education Option for a Bright Future

Other States are a real game changer in the field of education. Their mission to fight for school choice programs in states across the country has had a tremendous impact on student learning and academic achievement. In states that have implemented school choice programs, such as Arizona and Florida, the increase in student performance is evident. Students in these states have shown higher academic achievement, particularly in reading and math, compared to those in states that do not have school choice. Parents are huge fans of Other States and their mission to help all students receive the best education possible.are

We’ve done the research, all you have to do is tell your elected official how you feel!

Contact your elected official today, advocating for school choice in Texas.

Here is What we do

Click on the link below and sign up to contact your elected official. We have partnered with Million Voices and they will send a letter on your behalf to your elected official. With school choice, rural Texas families can make an informed decision on the best educational option for their children. The increased competition among schools has instilled a sense of urgency in school administrators and teachers to improve their performance and reach higher standards. This in turn translates into better academic outcomes for students and ultimately, higher graduation rates. Additionally, school choice has been found to have positive social and economic implications, such as improved working conditions for teachers, increased property values, and improved quality of life for rural residents. In short, school choice is an invaluable tool for ensuring that Texas families are provided with the educational opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential.

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